Why MAT?

MAT provides:

  • • An expert panel of legal professionals (including qualified Solicitors, Barristers and Judges) and Islamic Scholars well versed in both English and Islamic Law. Our panel are able to offer the widest range of expert opinion and reach a decision recognised by both legal systems. The expertise of our panellists in both legal systems enables them to reconcile between contradictory rulings and provide appropriate solutions.
  • • Tribunal panellists who are raised and educated in the UK, ensuring that each panellist understands and has experience in dealing with modern day dilemmas faced by the Muslim community.
  • • A platform through which women are included as part of the expert panel and ensure that there is no bias within the organisation against genders. The active role of women professionals provides a sense of support and guidance for the client and also offers re-assurance that the sensitivity of the matter is appreciated.

MAT operates within the legal framework of England and Wales thereby ensuring that any decision reached by MAT can be enforced through existing means of enforcement. Operating within the legal framework of England and Wales does not prevent MAT from ensuring that all decisions reached are in accordance with one of the recognised Schools of Islamic Sacred Law. MAT will therefore, like never before, offer the Muslim community a real and true opportunity to settle disputes in accordance with Islamic Sacred Law with the knowledge that the outcome as determined by MAT will be binding and enforceable.