Inheritance Disputes and Islamic Wills

Inheritance Disputes

With property ownership increasing, the possible issues surrounding inheritance has also increased. The absence of a will or the deceased owning property abroad give rise to complications over the matter of inheritance.

MAT can provide a decision regarding the shares of the various parties concerned according to Islamic law. If there is still a failure to comply with the decision of MAT by one party, the other party can still attempt to place the judgment of MAT before the civil court as evidence of what the deceased would have known and intended. Similarly, a party could use it in an Islamic court abroad when that court is trying to resolve such matters.

Islamic Wills

Inheritance and will disputes are often caused by the inadequate drafting of the deceased’s will. There may be provisions within the will that are vague or ambiguous which raises questions as to a particular person’s entitlement of the deceased’s estate.

MAT provides a service to those wishing to draft a will compliant with Islamic Law. Our experts will ensure that detailed instructions are obtained beforehand regarding all aspects of the estate and a will drafted pursuant to Islamic Law whilst also ensuring that the wishes of the client are included within the will as far as possible. In the unlikely event that a dispute arises thereafter, MAT will then be perfectly placed to provide a decision and resolve the dispute.