Islamic Divorce & Family Disputes

Islamic Divorce

A common problem faced by Muslim women is the request for an Islamic divorce from the husband. The wife may obtain a divorce in the civil courts however her husband may continue to deny her the Islamic divorce. As a result she may face stigma from the community, thus preventing her from re-marrying.

MAT provides an effective service for women seeking to obtain an Islamic divorce by way of Khula through the consent and co-operation of the husband. MAT can successfully issue a Khula certificate within 3-4 months.

In the absence of the consent and/or co-operation of the husband, MAT can issue a declaration that the marriage is dissolved (Faskh) should the panel of experts be satisfied that the necessary requirements are met.

Our experts will also be able to provide advice regarding the Islamic divorce procedure in the context of divorce obtained in the civil courts.

Family Dispute Mediation

MAT also provides mediation services for married couple or families who are experiencing disputes in the following: dowry, children of the marriage, family matters, etc. MAT will instruct two mediators from the panel to listen to both sides of the dispute and will endeavour to reach a decision which both sides are in agreement with.

Domestic Violence

MAT is unable to deal with criminal offences as we do not have jurisdiction to try such matters in the UK. Issues relating to domestic violence are dealt with by the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) through the local Police Domestic Violence Liaison Officers. MAT offers mediation to parties wishing to find solutions to their problems.