Advantages of Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR)


ADR can work without any need for legal representation, and even those that do involve lawyers may be quicker and consequently cheaper than proceeding in court.


ADR is more informal than court procedures, without convoluted rules of evidence. The course of action is less intimidating and less stressful than the typical court proceedings.


The delays in the civil court system are well acknowledged, and waiting for a trial hearing at a court may, particularly in commercial cases, adds to overall costs and can adversely affect business in the meantime.


ADR schemes often have specialist knowledge of the significant areas, which can promote a just and less time-consuming settlement.

Conciliation of the parties

ADR generally endeavours to avoid irretrievably splitting up the parties, so enabling business or family relationships to be preserved respectfully.

Customer satisfaction

It is commonly acknowledged that ADR results in a high degree of customer satisfaction.